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Position Summary

Reality has been telling us for a while – it has been effectively “shouting it from the housetops” – that somewhere along the way, we have missed something. In all of the paradoxes, conundrums, and irrationalities that abound throughout much of our “modern” physics, it has been telling us that there is more to the story – but “we”, meaning mainstream science, have generally been ignoring the message.

We have been ignoring the message, in part at least, because it was inconvenient – we like to feel that we have the “tiger by the tail” so to speak. We had no good ideas of exactly where to look or of what to look for – none of our ideas worked in such a manner as to preserve the previous rationalities. Yet, we could get them to work rather well with some rather elegant mathematics that produced answers which fit well numerically with what we had observed. Even though such a situation was truly most, most inconvenient (at least by our former standards), “we” decided to accept what we had as valid, and then trumpeted it all over as “good” – even though logic and rationality said that it was not.

Reflecting back on what is presented in the treatise, the keys to the truth, we believe, were most certainly obscure, and NOT where we would have expected to find them.

This treatise is the result of a sincere effort to find those key points and concepts that had been overlooked – recognizing that those points were overlooked specifically because they were rather obscure and anything but obvious!

There are what may be some rather radical-seeming concepts included in the treatise – but only because they are unlike anything that we may have ever seen or heard of before. Furthermore, we do not even expect that any of the potential tests that have been identified and suggested would ultimately provide truly “positive proof” of their validity. That, of course, would be because the whole key to the situation is that the clues are obscure and well hidden from direct observation. However, at the same time – the crazy, irrational peculiarities that have so thoroughly riddled “modern” physics do manage to take on rationality, and the overall picture that is painted – though more complex and interactive – becomes quite rational and comprehensible.

If what is presented therein is even reasonably close to correct, then there are now logical reasons for all of those seemingly peculiar and strange observations – and they all tie together into a rather comprehensive whole.

Somehow, I do believe – that, in and of itself, seems to be a rather compelling reason to give this treatise some rather serious consideration…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are your qualifications and background?
  1. The book seems rather long – what is covered in the book?
  1. Why is the presentation in the book focused so heavily on concepts?
  1. If only concepts are covered, wouldn’t the book be more about philosophy than science?
  1. Who is the target audience for the book?
  1. If I as a reader am not a physicist or very good at math, would I be able to understand it?
  1. What place should mathematics have with respect to science – you have focused on concepts, shouldn’t you have more of a focus on math?
  1. Why is the book so long – couldn’t it be just as well be presented in more accessible “bite-sized” pieces?
  1. How are the ideas and concepts in this book any different from all of the other “alternative” theories that are already out there?

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T. B. Bon